1-BHK condo

₹4000 / Night


  • 1. All Room charge for Double Occupancy. Extra person to be separated, charge per person Rs.500/-
    (Govt. tax as applicable.)
  • 2. Photo Address proof required at the check /in time.
  • 3. Check in/check out 24 Hours.


  • 1. Well furnish A.C WADA., in room dinning service.
  • 2. Home Style Food In Restaurant, Pool side Dinning, Mini Theatre, Gym, Swimming Pool.
  • 3. Free Wi- Fi Services . & Vehicle Parking.
  • 4. Major Credit card/ Debit Card Accepted

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Guhagar Tourist Destination

Guhagar is the heartland of the Konkan region of Maharashtra, it is an Indian heritage site with many tropical beaches, historic forts, temples and rare species of birds and animals. See the best of Maharashtra at this destination, which is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. Wondering what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. Almost all the places on the coast of Maharashtra are truly beautiful places, serene in nature. Guhagar, which is a part of this region, offers all these experiences. Situated between the Vashishti River and Jaigad Bay, Guhagar is a small town with a beautiful secluded beach on the Konkan coast, making it a perfect gateway destination. Guhagar is famous for temples considering the number of major Hindu temples present here. There are many temples dedicated to various incarnations of Lord Shiva like Balkeshwar Temple, Udleshwar Temple, Vyadeshwar Temple, Velneshwar Temple and Taleshwar Temple. Guhagar is famous for its beaches, betel nuts, coconuts and especially Alfonso mangoes. So this place is definitely a feast for mango lovers. It is a scenic city with a popular beach with tropical paradise. The city is well connected by road, rail and air from all parts of the country. You can go here for a quiet day trip. Guhagar Beach is the main attraction here and it is definitely worth a visit. The beach doesn't seem to end, and the roar of the water is very happy. The cleanliness and beauty of the surroundings have to be mentioned. The people here are very loving and welcoming and look at you with their lifestyle and culture.

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar Beach is a quiet place surrounded by dense undergrowth. It is 200 meters away from Guhagar. Guhagar Beach is a white sand beach which is 6-7 km long. It offers a sacred space for sunbathing, unwinding and reflection. This untouched beach is famous for its mysterious scenery. It is located west of the main town of Guhagar and is popular for beach activities. Seaward talk stalls make this beach a perfect place to use the gateway. The beach itself is one of the most famous places to visit on Guhagar Beach. The beautiful soft, sandy beach with golden sunset views from afar and the water sports facilities available here - make Guhagar the perfect place to spend a peaceful day on the beach. Aside from the many temples that characterize Guhagar, the city is equally known for its vast expanse of Virgin Beach. It is a perfect image of the characteristic culture of Konkan. Budhal is another pristine and quiet beach with lots of rocks and it is very pleasant. The beaches here are untouched, polluted and untouched, giving you a unique experience of exploring the mysterious beauty of nature.

There are many temples to visit in guhagar including Durga Devi and Vyadeshwar temples. On a beach holiday, tourists can enjoy sunrise and sunset, waterfalls and a wide green valley. There is a small village called Hedvi near the beach which is famous for the Ganesha temple where the ten-sided Ganesha darshan takes place. Hedvi Beach is well known for its ripples that create a natural valley called Bamanghal. Then we have the Jaigad fort of historical significance and is often visited by tourists. About 15 km from Guhagar is a village called Anjanvel which can be visited by ferry instead of taking a long road. The historical city of Dabhol can also be visited. There are many other things to do in this city. Plashet Beach, 12.5 km from Guhagar, is frequented by tourists. This is the perfect place to spend a wonderful evening with friends and family enjoying the soothing and soothing waves of the beach. If you want to do some adventure on your trip, take your scuba diving suit to the sea near Palshet beach. An evening walk on the beach with your loved one will definitely add a spark to your vacation. It is a relaxing place and most of the time the weather is almost perfect. The beach is safe for adults and children. Expect to find some food vendors selling homemade pure vegetarian food, local snacks and fresh coconut water. The beach is easily accessible by road and is 30 km from the main Mumbai-Goa NH 17 highway.

Things to do in Guhagar

Guhagar, the heartland of the Konkan region of Maharashtra, is an indian heritage site with many tropical beaches, historic forts, temples and rare species of birds and animals. See the best places in Maharashtra at this destination which is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. Wondering what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. Here are some things you shouldn't miss on a family vacation. Find the ultimate destination for kids in Guhagar, be it a water park, a theme park or a playground. Kids will have fun, learn new things, have a good meal and will not get bored in long queues. checkout bellow to know the amazing places and activities to enjoy with your children in Guhagar.

  • Guhagar beach
  • Guhagar beach watersports
  • Bhatye Beach
  • Thiba Palace
  • Thibaw Point
  • Bauman Ghal Hedavi
  • Velneshwar seashore & Temple
  • Gopalgarh Fort
  • Tilak Ali Museum
  • Dhamapur Lake
  • Ratnadurga Fort
  • Patitpavan Mandir
  • Anjanwale Fort
  • Shastri River
  • Shri Devi Bhagwati Mandir
  • Shastri River
  • Mandavi Beach
  • Pandre Samudra
  • Kolkewadi Dam
  • Jaigad Fort
  • Ganeshghule Beach
  • Swami Swaroopanand Samadhi
  • Aare Ware Beach
  • Nevare Beach
  • Hedvi Beach
  • Velneshwar Beach
  • Bhudal Beach

Best time to visit Guhagar

Guhagar enjoys a pleasant marine climate along the Arabian Sea on the west coast. The period from September to May - the rainy and post-winter seasons - is the perfect time to enjoy the many wonders of Guhagar. The climate of Guhagar is favorable with good activities during this particular period. If you are wondering when to visit Guhagar, then the best time to visit Guhagar is as follows. From the month of December starts the cold season in guhagar. The cool climate here makes the tourists happy. Climate and cold weather persist until the month of February. The winter air is sometimes good which attracts tourists to see the rich beauty of this place. Tourists can sunbathe in this place in winter so it is considered to be the best season to visit Guhagar.

Guhagar Accommodation

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